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Branding is everything

If Ernie can make a convenience store cool...

Maverik, Adventure's First Stop is arguably the strongest brand in the convenience store industry. But Maverik wasn't always cool. 

"I am a huge fan of authentic brands that pack a punch. Both within the company and without. Great branding helps companies articulate their unique and likable personalities. " 

Ernie believes a unique brand exists in every company. Young companies often attend to logos and colors but overlook the importance of brand development that influences hearts. Even the brands of mature companies are often buried beneath years of campaigns, slogans, promotions and marketing materials and have lost their luster. 

Ernie asks the tough questions to tease out the heart of your brand then he articulates a brand description that resonates with customers and employees alike.   

Brand Consulting

Ernie works with 2-3 companies that have killer products or services but need help developing an distinctive brand.

Portfolio and resume available upon request.

Ernie Speaking at NASC

Branding Keynote Speaker

  • "This was a college marketing semester in 50 minutes!"
  • "His presentation applies to ANY business."
  • "Best session on branding in NACS history."

Ernie demonstrates the power of branding and shares his 7-steps of brand building in this highly edutaining presentation. Book him now!

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